We Don't Need Email Or A Website
Oh Really !
Once Upon A Time, Not Long Ago In The Future....
There was ... let's say ... a...

A very hard working family, running the business built up by them from virtually nothing. They had striven to produce top quality goods and had made a name for themselves. They had seen a lot of customers over the years, some frequently, some only occasionally. For a time they had felt comfortable....

But over recent years, though they had not really noticed it straight away, things had happened and they were working harder to stand still.

What was it?
Were customers getting bored with their products?
Had some of their customers died or moved away?
Were new businesses in the area selling similar products, drawing away their customers?

They responded to competition by making sure they could match prices.

They knew customers were happy with their products but they needed them to buy more often. Asking some, they said that they did not realise they sold the product they wanted.

They started placing poster advertisements in the shop window but realised that only passing traffic would see them. They tried leaflet drops in their area, but they knew the best tactic was to contact customers they had already sold to in the past. If only they knew how ...

They started to collect customer names & addresses by running a free raffle to anyone visiting them. They would be able to mailshot these hundreds of contacts with special offers - pre-season news before the customer was likely to buy. They knew they would have a good response from previous customers.

The children in the family business said that they should email these mailshots. They would not need to print the mailshot, they would not need to put stamps on envelopes. It would only cost them ONE phone call to send HUNDREDS of "mailshots".

So, they started to collect customers Email addresses and found that more & more people do have them! They still send mailshots by post to those who don't.

They found that they could easily & effectively promote products that they wanted to clear quickly. Write a quick email, attach a group of a few hundred customers, SEND !

Now, they also find that customers send them emails. Like, "Do you have xyz in yet ? - let me know when you do."

They also use a website to hold a permanent advertising presence. It contains pages with contact information, location map, products sold, latest offers and a signup facility to be on their mailshots. This can attract new customers.

What if someone from abroad asked them to supply something ? Either they make it worth their while by making a high package and delivery charge or they simply say that they cannot supply to that address.

They have actually taken on more work by these methods but they feel more in touch with their customers.

Moral: Always look out for and consider new or alternative ways of doing things

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